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Vine English helps you to not only talk about the technical side of wine, after all you are a wine expert! We help you to feel 100% comfortable and confident talking to clients in new markets. That means more than just talking about skin contact, phenolic content, and malolactic fermentation, it means learning how to communicate in the best way possible!

If you don’t feel fully confident communicating in English, the problem is this: You want to sell your wine in new markets but it is very hard to reach high-value customers outside of your traditional areas. You don’t feel able to find a new audience and tell them about what they want to hear. It’s even hard to show how great your wine is to existing customers and build stronger relationships because you have trouble confidently speaking with them.

Even worse, with all the instability in the world, not being able to access export markets can lead to big problems, like loss of sales and reputation, in a business you are passionate about. You know, if you don’t perform your best, your image will be hurt and your family too, because they are depending on you.

Rest assured, you’re not alone!

With my help, you will be able to network with customers in high-value markets and have inspiring, natural conversations with a non-technical audience about the delicious wines you offer, making you the marketing and sales star of the wine world.

Before you know it, your products will have the reputation they deserve because you can confidently do business in high-income markets and inspire loyal customers to keep buying from you. You’ll be able to support your family and the business you love.

The ultimate goal of this program I’m offering is to help you feel confident sharing your wine with the world. At the end of the program, you will have everything you need to communicate how great your products are and get the respect they deserve in high-value wealthy markets.

Inspire loyal customers to keep buying from you. You’ll be able to support your family and the business you love!

William Cooke is a certified coach and English teacher; and a published poet and essayist. His love of wine and language inspired him to create this unique programme to share his expertise and improve communication for the best wine professionals in the world. A native of Cambridge, England he is an expert in intercultural communications from his experience living in 10 wine-producing! countries. He has studied both Philosophy and Psychology at the university level as well as Solution-Focused Coaching with the inimitable Kirsten Dierolf of Solutions Academy

William Cooke

Helping passionate wine professionals crush their sales and marketing like grapes with resonant English communication skills